Melohalo is a musical duo made up of multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriters Amanda Joan & Nathan BeardFight. They are based in Vancouver, BC lower mainland, but grew up in Edmonton, AB. They bend genres with a tough emotional sound. They cultivate mellow and powerful undertones supported by haunted sultry vocals. They journey through genres like pop, rock and trip-hop maintaining an electronic edge.  

Illustrate Magazine describes “Amanda’s pain-ridden, heart-touching voice works like a metronome” and there are “unpleasant feelings in a bubble space of musical excellence”. There is a “contrast with her vocals and conveying real emotion”. They blend electronic and live instrumentals with pop-rock vocals.

Emotionally driven content with reminiscent sounds of Portishead, Massive Attack, and Metric. Melohalo has a vulnerable edge similar to Billie Eilish supported by power, not unlike Florence + the Machine.

pronunciation: mel-low-haw-low